Gas, water, electricity, etc.


Utilities in Croatia can be provided by national companies, local municipalities or companies with local coverage. Bills will be addressed to the owner of the property, and can be included in the monthly rent.

Water: In Croatia, the water network is available in almost every area. Unless you decide to settle in a remote area in Croatia, the Croatian Waters (Hrvatske vode, www.voda.hr ) will be in charge of providing water to your home.

Gas: Natural gas is also widely available in Croatia. LPG tanks are used as a source of gas, and can be portable. You can buy a LPG tank from vendor outlets in towns, contact vendors by telephone or wait for a vendor to visit your neighbourhood. Vendors will exchange your empty tank for a fee.

For more information about gas fees, contact:

Gas Distribution Company
Trg Ante Starčevića 2
10431 Sveta Nedjelja

  • Telephone: +385 (0)1 3373 745
  • Fax: +385 (0)1 3373 744

Electricity: In Croatia, the electricity voltage is 220V, 50Hz. As with water and gas, electricity is widely available, but charges may vary from one region to another. Electricity bills are issued monthly. You can contact the Croatia National Electric Company (Hrvatska Elektroprivreda d.d./HEP, www.hep.hr ).


Croatian bills are addressed to the owner of the property. If utilities are not included in your monthly rent, you can agree with your landlord for the bills to be charged to your Croatian bank account.

Alternatively, you can hire a private service that will take care of your bills for you. This kind of service is common in Croatia, and you can easily find companies that provide this service and other property maintenance services.

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