TV and satellite reception

How to receive Sky, BBC and ITV

TV and satellite reception

If you decide to take your UK TV to Croatia you may have difficulties such as seeing pictures in black and white only, and with no sound. Some TV’s have a switch on the back marked A and B, flicking this can solve the problem.

I recommend putting some money into the local economy and buying a new one: Samsung sets are £240 for 28''. The same goes for videos and DVDs –best to buy new players.

The footprint map of the Astra 2A and 2B Southern Beam satellite reaches the majority of Croatia, which provides most of the Sky’s Family pack, Sky news and Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3. This means that a dish of around 1.5m should suffice. For more information visit:  or .

To receive all of Sky, BBC and ITV you will need to install a dish of around 3 meters – such dishes will enable you to receive the Northern Beam signals. This could be a bit of a distraction to the neighbours when attached to the exterior of your quaint stone house.

Some British people take their digibox over to Croatia to maintain their Sky, as they probably know, they are in breach of their contract using their digital box outside the UK. It's not illegal but Sky will take a very dim view if they find out.

There are a number of issues with ensuring the box remains active and card/software updates also Dubrovnik is near the edge of the footprint, so you may need a larger dish to receive the Astra signal at a decent strength.

It might be easier, but more expensive to get a Croatian satellite service. Visit: . They are the official Sky office for Croatia (In Croatian language).

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