The Croatian housing market


Croatia's natural beauty is one of the main reasons why people choose it as a holiday destination or decide to purchase a property.

The rental market is quite limited, especially during the summer. As Croatia attracts a big amount of tourists, the main emphasis is on holiday rentals. However, long term rentals are also available, especially on the metropolitan areas of Zagreb, Split and Dubronik.

The monthly rental prices in Croatia vary, depending upon location and the kind of accommodation you prefer. For example, a three bedroom flat next to the beach in the Adriatic Coast may be around €1,200, while a two bedroom house in the same area may be €1,800 (prices from 2011).

Croatians expect foreigners to pay higher prices, so do some research before signing a lease. Engage a lawyer in the process if you want to make sure the lease is valid and protects you under Croatian law.

Student accommodation

If you are a student, you have various accommodation choices in Croatia. You can rent or share a flat, or stay at your chosen university's student residence. Once you are accepted into a Croatian university, they will send you a Housing Request Form that you must fill in and submit to get a room in the residence.

Student residences in Croatia usually have shared rooms with a small kitchen. Bathrooms are shared with the next room.

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