Taxes in Thailand

Income tax and Tax ID card

Taxes in Thailand

Income in Thailand is subject to Thai tax, regardless of where the employment income is paid.

Taxation in Thailand differs between resident and non-resident citizens. Anyone who lives in Thailand for over 180 days in a tax (calendar) year is considered a resident.

Thailand residents pay income tax on remuneration originating from sources both inside and outside of the country. A non-resident only pays tax on income from sources in Thailand. The income tax ranges from 5-37% depending on your income.

Thai tax ID card

In Thailand, everybody must obtain a tax ID within 60 days after receiving income. You will need a Tax ID card in order to pay tax on your income. You can apply for the Thai tax ID card at the Revenue Department. The ID card has a tax ID number which you will often require during your stay in Thailand.

Social security tax

Social security tax is automatically deducted from your income (5%) and is usually about 750 Baht per month.

Pension benefits for expatriates

To receive retirement benefits a worker must have 40 credits. One credit equals 36,200 Baht of income. Four credits are earned with an income of 144, 700 Baht.

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